April Blog 2017

23rd March, exactly a month ago, into the second evening of Pride and Prejudice! It seems such a while ago now as I am sitting here in magazine mode, watching the finches as they try to get the best position on the feeders. What a fantastic time was had by us all. After the wonderful start of Wed. performance, as I said in last month’s magazine, we wondered if it could get any better. Each night was a complete sell-out and brilliant in all ways, maybe a few changes here and there! Only adding to its uniqueness while providing such entertainment to all, on and off stage. It was slightly more serious in the marquee this time as due to the challenge of the script one could observe characters taking moments to study their words, as I think we all did, while fleetingly being able to watch scenes on the monitor. No costume changes this year, well except for Mr Darcy for the lake scene!! The ladies still haven’t quite got over it, everyone looked fabulous. I have to mention Martha, who apart from helping Mum with some changes of scenery, playing Georgiana, did the most wonderful job of the horses head ‘On the Road to Gretna Green’ Those of us who were able to be at the back of the hall for quite a bit, laughed and became part of the audience each night, brilliant. Last night arrived, how sad, a puddle in the marquee had to be avoided as the rain had got through, however, all the excitement of the previous nights was there and more besides. We had all risen to the challenge, loved every minute of it, such a feeling of community that brought everyone together. To all those amazing people behind the scenes that make the whole production look and sound so good, a Big Thank you. Sunday a working party got the marquee down and into the hall before the rain started once again and in the next couple of days all was back to normal. Some of the scenery has been left as of course this is Jane Austen’s year with some excellent forthcoming events in the village.
Singing started in the village hall on 7th March, where Marilyn led us gently back in! accompanied by Paul on the keyboard. A great way to start, who knows what will be coming next!
10th March, the Book club met to discuss ‘The Last Runaway’ by Tracy Chevalier. A fast-paced, satisfying read. In the evening a jolly group from the village went to the Haymarket to be thoroughly entertained by the production of Northanger Abbey. Just to get a little more of Jane Austen! There were parts that had us laughing maybe a little louder, as certain parts had a resemblance to P & P.
Saturday 11th Steventon Players had their first Film Club evening. Mamma Mia! with on-screen lyrics. It certainly was a very jolly, feel-good film that had us all joining in with the lyrics, even though most had seen it before. We enjoyed drinks and nibbles and at half time we were all treated to a choc-ice, lovely. Well done Sue for organizing this and we look forward to the next one.
Friday 17th a few joined Rev. Julia for a service at Oak Lodge to almost a full house. It had been decorated very lovely with balloons and bunting to celebrate Dame Vera Lyn’s 100th Birthday.
U.F.O. and Ukuleles are both up and running once more, the latter needing to be dusted off! We have the Easter Market to look forward to on Saturday 8th at 10.00am in the village hall. That evening at the Anvil, a few from Steventon and North Waltham are singing with Basingstoke Choral Society, also joined by Croydon Philharmonic Choir for Bach’s St Matthew Passion, conducted by North Waltham’s wonderful conductor David Gibson. If you have a spare evening, please come, as it will be wonderful. Tickets still available.
We have had some spectacular sunrises, a joy to behold. The blackbirds are singing, bird activity is on the increase, daffodils in abundance, spring is truly here, a beautiful time of the year. The rain has stopped, Mike has been out cleaning road signs and I will have to pop out to fill the bird feeders up once again. Emily has her ‘Marathon for Mum’ coming up on 23rd April, which we all wish her the very best. Still time to sponsor, which I am about to do now, as with everything going on have forgotten to do so.
I think the fire will be lit tonight as a definite chill in the air, the clocks go forward this weekend, wonderful. Cake making for the freezer, first event Easter Market. Great.