April Book Club Report

Singled Out by Virginia Nicholson – chosen by the library.

Comments as follows: All very interested in the subject, but not the small print which made it hard to read; difficult to keep up with the characters who came, went and returned throughout the book; structure of the book would have been better served with a case study of each subject, this would have saved repetition and it would have been easier to understand the characters: there were case studies at the end, which proved the point; it was educational but dry; all in all very disappointing, as the subject was a reminder of how emancipation and freedom of choice were fought for in those days, how they succeeded and even if not perfect now, we are in a far better place. Lastly, how sad it was for so many women not to be able to fulfil their potential, dreams, ambitions etc., cannot be wives/mothers, no men, can’t be career minded or graduates, (the list is endless) not for young women!!!!!