August Blog 2017

Wow, what a difference a day makes! Lovely cool breeze this morning, Parish Magazine deadline! Flaming June, it certainly has lived up to its name this year.
On the evening of Wednesday 7th, the Haymarket once again held the ‘A Place to be Proud of Awards’. Steventon Players were asked to perform a short sketch from ‘Pride & Prejudice’ during the first half of the awards. The scene at Longbourn House where Lady Catherine de Burgh tells Rev. Collins to find a wife, was chosen by Marilyn for the five minute performance! Unfortunately Philip was not available as Lady Catherine de Burgh, Charlie was ‘volunteered’ and did a grand job. Mike and Linton were the two other ‘Girls’! Sindy once again as Charlotte Lucas, also Dave as Rev. Collins. Dorothy was the narrator. After what seemed a daunting experience, everyone rose to the occasion, did brilliantly and loved every minute. Big stage next then!!
Thursday 8th in the afternoon a working party arrived at St. Nicholas’ Church, to have a tidy up of the Church grounds, Remembrance garden and railings. Julian also arrived with his mower. A big thank you to you Julian for keeping the grass neat and tidy all year. After a couple of hours all had been completed, plus the marquee had been erected. Joyce treated everyone to her famous cherry buns accompanied by cherry brandy, a great combination.
The evening of Saturday 10th at St. Nicholas’ Church was the concert of ‘Jane Austen in Words and Music’. What a most fantastic evening it was. Everyone was blown away with the performance. Michael Kenning on harpsichord, Theresa Lunn soprano, Paul Wright on organ and Dorothy, narrator. Victoria Stapleton on violin, Judith Barnby on cello, Rosalyn Jones on flute and clarinet, Deborah Lock on flute. The exquisite sounds of violin, cello, flute and clarinet, especially for the Jane Austen Suite, stunning. When Paul and his daughter Victoria played together, breath-taking, it brought tears to the eyes. During the interval everyone mingled outside while bubbles and canapes were served. Of course there had to be a little of the Steventon way! As every now and again Mike and Jeff, dressed as the butlers, made an appearance….’The Battle of Prague’ at the end, a performance of the original version for piano, violin and cello, but in modern-day ‘ Steventon style’ will never be the same again!! There should be some great photos on the village web site.
The Steventon Book Bench has arrived for all to see, up by the St. Nicholas’ Church, beautiful. During singing in the village hall last night, someone popped in to ask the way to the church on the Jane Austen tour! There have been quite a few extra visitors already, no doubt many more to come as the time goes on. Especially towards the end of July and August for Steventon’s Jane Austen Festival, wonderful.
The new Jane Austen Visitor Centre has almost been completed and a grand official opening date will soon be announced.
A busy weekend coming up. Breakfast Together in the village hall. The Rossini summer concert at Douai Abbey and on Sunday the village fete. Let us hope for lovely weather to continue so everybody can thoroughly enjoy their days.
Baking tomorrow!!! As will a lot of us I’m sure. Jan Everton-Browne