Book Bench Discussion

This is the end of the Sitting with Jane project.

The benches will be in place until 31st August after which they will be moved to Milestones for a final exhibition before being auctioned on 15th September.

It would be lovely if one of the benches could be bought and located in the village. The one located in Old Basing depicts Steventon Church and countryside.   If anyone or a group of people would like to bid for one then the details are here

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11 thoughts on “Book Bench Discussion

  1. Darcy

    Well the auction is now over and as mentioned by Dawn, some of the benches were already sold and out of the running. The ‘Do you dance Mr Darcy’ bench which was outside of St. Nicholas was sold at auction for £4000, others ranged from £1500 to £7000 – you can view the catalogue for a few days at

    Maybe the village would benefit from a couple of simple robust benches for weary residents and visitors to sit on and enjoy our wonderful village.

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  2. Dawn Bawa

    Would be happy to contribute to group bid for a village bench. I happen to know that there are a couple of benches that are not available to bid for as they have been bought by the company’s who sponsored them. One of those is the bench featuring Steventon church. That bench went for 5k. According to the milestones website the benches are only on view on the 9th and 10th September.

  3. Linton

    Hello everyone. I am in a quandary about the bench. On the one hand I agree with Rod and Dorothy but on the other I have to acknowledge that the bench has led to a large number of visits to the church with a consequent increase in donations. However I suspect that this would not continue once the bench tour goes so I am reluctantly unconvinced about the benefits of having a bench

  4. Russ Bird

    Lynn and I would be happy to make a donation but as mentioned in previous comments the total raised will need to include cost of weather proofing.

  5. D & R Smith

    Dorothy and I happy to make a contribution to the charity but we certainly do not like or want a ‘book bench’ in the village. The one by the church is already falling apart.

    1. Chris Brown

      Rod, Dot – thanks for pointing that out. I’ve taken a closer look and agree with you. Well spotted.

  6. Fiona & Derek Baulsom

    Hi everyone
    So, any idea how much is it we all have to pledge to? Happy to contribute, but, sadly, unable to pledge too much right now. Please advise!

  7. Richard Coppin

    Nice idea! Three quick points:
    1. comment from bench trail guide was that benches not expected to be weather proof long term. Where would a joint one go, ideally with some protection from the elements?
    2. What sort of amount will they go for? Maybe 4K, i.e. 20 x £200, we’d be prepared to offer one share up to that amount if others did similar.
    3. Realistically think we need a list of more than two benches to max chances. When we went round there were others that looked good too.

  8. Chris Brown

    Likewise – happy to donate and I’m ok to do the bidding too, most likely by phone though, depending on the exact schedule. I agree with you on the bench preferences 🙂

  9. Chris and John

    Would be willing to donate a set amount to a group bid, but would not want to do the bidding.
    Either the one we have, or preferably the Old Basing Tithe Barn bench (Steventon Church).
    Would not like the one from Oakley Hall.

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