Steventon Book Club – Requests

To request books for the Steventon Book Club then please email Rosina with the titles and authors.

As decent books seem to be reserved by other reading groups very quickly, our books choices are reserved online on the first day of each month, one year ahead!

Below is a 151 page document containing Overton library’s reading group books sets. (Actually, it is Hampshire-wide.) The last column flags new books to the library’s book set, but note, this does not necessarily mean they are newly published books!

You can view the online version here:
Book Reviews
In this version you can sort by author, title or new edition, and you can scroll and perform your usual browser searches.

If you prefer to save your precious broadband resources, you can download this document and save it onto your computer:
Book reviews
You can then scroll the list or you can search for author, title, or for new additions by using your system’s Edit\Find menu or by using the appropriate short cuts.