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Jane Austen Cards


A number of Jane Austen cards have been created and are available to order using the following downloadable form:


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Interest in our New Jane Austen Information Centre!

People have started to notice our newly cleaned and painted Jane Austen Information Centre – it will soon have tourist information leaflets and map regarding Jane and also a book shelf for a book exchange.

BY THE WAY – who are you? Please send a note to and we can credit you!

Jane Austen in Words and Music

Jane Austen
in Words and Music
Saturday 10th June
7.30pm St Nicholas Church, Steventon
Piano Trio by Ignaz Pleyel
Battle of Prague by Frantisek Kotzwara
Jane Austen Suite by Philip Andrews
Readings from Jane Austens writings
and music by composers featured in the Austen family music books
Michael Kenning (harpsichord), Theresa Lunn (soprano), Paul Wright (organ),
Dorothy Smith (narrator) with Victoria Stapleton (violin) Jude Barnby (cello),
Rosalyn Jones (flute and clarinet) and Deborah Lock (flute)
Tickets £20 to include refreshments can be reserved by contacting
Kath Clarke email: telephone 01256 771842
Proceeds will go towards the refurbishment work at St Nicholas Church

Jane Austen Events in Hampshire 2017

The Mysterious Miss Austen – the Gallery, Winchester Discovery Centre 13th May – 24th July.

Presented in partnership between the Hampshire Cultural Trust and the Jane Austen House museum and featuring five representations of the adult Jane Austen – notably two by her sister Cassandra – shown side by side for what is believed to be the first time in history, and three others from private collections, also the manuscript in Jane’s own hand of an alternative ending to her final novel Persuasion on loan from the British Library. Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00 am – 7.00 pm, Saturday: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm, Sunday: 11.00am – 3.oopm

Jane and her Alton Apothecary – the Allen Gallery, Church Street, Alton 3rd June – 20th August.

In the early stages of her illness, Jane was treated by William Curtis, a qualified apothecary in Alton. His story gives an insight into the role played by members of this ancient profession within their local communities, and it is possible that he might have been the model for the character of Mr Perry, the apothecary in ‘Emma’ who is described as ‘an intelligent, gentlemanlike man’. Opening hours: 10.30 am – 16.30pm

The Navy at the Time of Jane Austen: Fighting, Flirting and Fortune – Gosport discovery Centre, Walpole Road, Gosport 15th July – 20th September

Two of Jane’s brothers – Francis and Charles – served in the British Navy, and there can be little doubt that they provided inspiration for the naval officers who feature in ‘Mansfield Park’ and ‘Persuasion’. This exhibition explores the importance of the navy in Jane’s lifetime in what was a golden era just a few years after the victory at Trafalgar. Opening hours: 9.00 am – 5.00pm

Retail and romance: Jane goes to the Ball – The Sainsbury Gallery, Willis Museum, Market Square, Basingstoke 29th July – 7th October

Jane knew Basingstoke well and her letters are full of references to shopping, descriptions of what was worn to balls and lively gossip and this exhibition is centred on these themes. Opening hours: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Jane’s Winchester: Malady and Medicine – City Space, Winchester Discovery Centre 13th May – 24th July

Jane arrived in Winchester on 24 May 1817 to receive treatment for her illness, and this exhibition offers a snapshot of the city as it was then and the hospitals and doctors who treated her. Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10.00am – 6.00 pm, Saturday 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Winchester Cathedral is also organising tours – with coffee and cake – on the first Saturday of each month from June to November – contact 01962 857275 or – Special group tours for 15 people or more can be arranged. The tour will include a walk through the Inner Close to the house on College St where Jane and Cassandra stayed and will be led by one of the Cathedral’s team of expert volunteer guides. Other events also include outdoor performances of Pride and Prejudice on 28th ,29th,and 30th June (bookable from the Cathedral box office), an exhibition ‘Inspired by the Word’ by contemporary artists celebrating the literature of Hampshire writers – Jane Austen, Edward Thomas and Gilbert White – running from 8 June – 30 September, and a commemorative evensong on 18 July, the anniversary of Jane’s death.

Jane Austen’s Words and Music

Saturday 10th June
7:30 St Nicholas Church, Steventon

Michael Kenning (harpsichord), Theresa Lunn (soprano) Paul Wright (organ)
Dorothy Smith (narrator) and the Steventon Ensemble

Join us for an evening of Regency entertainment featuring music from the Chawton Austin family music books and a performance of the Jane Austen Suite by Alton composer Phillip Andrews.

Tickets £20 to include refreshments from Marilyn and Paul Wright 01256 397445
Profits will go to the refurbishment of St Nicholas Church, Steventon

Pride and Prejudice ‘The Steventon Way’

It must be very heartwarming to find that the many weeks of hard work in preparation for your annual production is rewarded with a sell-out audience on all four nights. This was the enviable scenario for the Steventon Players and deservedly so.  They have, year after year, entertained their audiences in great style and this year’s production was one of the very best yet.  Charlie Palmer is to be congratulated on adapting Miss Austen’s much loved “Pride and Prejudice” to fit the many qualities of the multi-talented residents of Steventon. There was so much to enjoy from start to finish, and how quickly over two hours just flew by as we were transported, scene by scene, so effortlessly with some super dance sequences – how did they manage such a disciplined performance in the limited space? There was strong singing from the chorus with splendid arrangements and musical accompaniment in the very capable hands of Paul Wright.

Rachel and Phil Cheeseman deserve special praise for providing most believable scenery, charmingly realised through each and every scene and effectively lit by Tim Sennitt. Charlie Palmer and Phillip Sykes gave very strong performances in the roles of Mrs Bennet and Lady Catherine de Burgh – two formidable “ladies” who kept the audience on their toes with great fun – Dave Foster as the Rev Collins bore the brunt of their tongue bashing with great courage. Tony Fabian was a suitably hen pecked Mr Bennet, who, along with his five splendid daughters suffered Mrs Bennet’s eccentric and bossy behaviour with warmth and patience – and a lot of fun!

We were very humorously updated throughout the performance by Georgie Balmain in the guise of Jane Austen’s “ghost”, who, along with Lisa Atkinson in the role of “Mrs Overall” ensured that humour was present throughout the moment they opened their mouths. Phil Cheeseman as Mr Darcy provided the audience with what one might describe as a “marmite” moment – booed at the start and then loved by the end – and that “lake scene” was a splendid triumph for him and the Director, Marilyn Wright – who must have been delighted by the very warm response received, as the curtain came down. It was a very appreciative audience who went out into the cold February air filled with warmth and happiness on being royally entertained by this very talented team. My final recommendation is for prospective house hunters to buy a property in Steventon – you will never be bored living here and estate agents would be well advised to advertise any future properties that come up for sale in the village with the bold statement: “in the catchment area of Steventon Players”.

Dai Ogborn

Some pictures to enjoy, before the DVD release

Saint Nicholas Church Visits

We welcome visitors and tour groups to our church and offer these helpful suggestions.

Tour groups can contact Rev. Julia Foster via e-mail at or by phone 01256 397256 (please leave your contact details!)
Members of the church can be on hand to greet you. Talks about the history of the church and Jane Austen’s life here can be arranged in advance.
Visitors are always welcome at our church services and events.

Please note, there are no toilet facilities at the church.

Steventon is a rural village and the church is reached by narrow lanes.
The route from the B3400 goes under a 9′ 11′ ( 3.022 metres ) tunnel.
From the M3 take exit 7 follow signs to North Waltham on the A30.
Buses are advised to come from the A 30/33, turning into North Waltham at the Wheatsheaf Inn follow the road turning right at St Michael’s Church continue around past the farms to the Steventon Church sign on the left. Turn sharp left into the single lane up to St Nicholas Church.

There is turning space for a 50 seater coach.

When leaving the church buses can turn left down to an easy left turn at the village hall, follow the road to a crossroads, turn left and continue back to North Waltham.

Nearby refreshments are available at:
The Wheatsheaf Inn and Hotel North Waltham RG25 2BB
phone 01256 398282

The Sun Inn Dummer RG25 2DJ reservations 01256 397234

The Fox at North Waltham RG25 2BE
For catering arrangements or to book groups please:
phone: 01256 397288/

Donations are welcome toward the upkeep of the church.

Cards and books are available with all proceeds going to the church.

Thank you for visiting!