December Blog 2014

October ended with a flourish. The short days triggered the moving of young stock back towards the farm, which went brilliantly, apart from one! Which after a few days of being fed closer to Quintens, she was coaxed safely back to join the others.
Within a few days, a flock of sheep were moved from Hatch Gate down to Hall field. They came streaming down the hill, round the bend, then disappeared up Tony and Joan’s drive!! However, it was not too long before the sheepdog had them on their way, past us all and down the track. They have been moved twice since then and to watch the skill of just one dog, plus the shepherdess, was great to see.
Bonfire night on the 1st November was brilliant. The weather was very kind to us and there was a new venue this year. Park 6, formally known as the triangle. Great fireworks, best ever bonfire! As was Tony’s mulled wine! Plus lots of very delicious nibbles being brought around. The children’s Guys were ceremoniously placed upon the bonfire with much excitement. I think a big thank you to everyone and of course thank you to Jeremy and Anita for opening up their field for this great occasion and to all that helped make the evening go with a Bang!
Friday 7th a very jolly group of men from the village made their way to North Waltham for the Men’s Fellowship. An excellent evening according to Mike and the curries were delicious!
Remembrance service on Sunday 9th at Ashe was once again very moving. The choir this year had been invited which was lovely. It also meant there were a few more seats available as the church was so full.
Friday 14th was the Book club which was held at Susie’s. We discussed ‘Before I go to Sleep’ by S.J. Watson. Very thought provoking. One cannot imagine waking every day with no knowledge whatsoever of the day before and worse, not knowing your loved ones. May have to get the film out! Thank you also Susie for the delicious chocolate cake, which also came with candles! To celebrate Marilyn’s birthday that had been a few days before.
Saturday 15th was the Rolling Supper. The rain had at last stopped and although rather soggy underfoot, did nothing to hinder a fantastic evening. Well done Charlie for organising it all once again and making sure we all left the village hall with our correct destinations. The ever changing company at each house, delicious food and maybe the odd glass of something delicious! Made for a very entertaining evening. Charlie and Rachel provided coffee afterwards which enabled us all to have a great catch-up, plus the odd play time with the kitten!! The money raised will go to a charity to be announced at a later date.
The Christmas Fair will end the month of November, leading on of course towards Christmas, with many festive activities to look forward to. Singing continues in the village hall. A great combination of panto and carols! as does Ukuleles, plus dance routines and rehearsals for the panto. Blackbirds are now sampling the apples left on the ground for the winter and many more garden birds can be seen on and around the bird feeders. In fact, the feeders need to be replenished already as there are so many. The numerous owls will be heard yet again as the males continue to establish or re-establish their territories, always a wonderful sound.
The fire will be lit as evening descends upon us, supper in front of a roaring fire sounds grand tonight. A very Happy and Peaceful Christmas to you all.