December Blog 2017

The wind is due to turn from South to North, Scotland already has snow on the hills, looks like December will certainly bring us into Winter! We were all very snug for UFO on Thursday 2nd November at Sindy’s where we put the world to rights whilst crochet, knitting, card packing and Susie’s amazing doll making…Can’t wait to see the finished product in all her glory. Thank you Sindy for your delicious refreshments.
Saturday 4th was the most beautiful night for the bonfire, a starlit sky and full moon graced us all night. Many thanks to Darren and Ted for building the bountiful bonfire and also overseeing the great fire pit. This year the fireworks lasted far longer, which of course was brilliant, superbly coordinated by Jeff and Mike, well done. Everyone had brought a lovely lot of nibbles, enhanced by Tony’s mulled wine, as good as ever, thank you. Thank you from us all Graham and Laura for this great venue, you were missed. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so lovely to see so many of Steventon’s new residents, a great time was had by all.
On the evening of Friday 10th most of the Ukulele group took up the invitation to join the monthly Jam session at the Viables. What a great night, no pressure, just play and sing as many as you wanted from the 20 music sheets. All very informal, stopped for coffee halfway, also it meant our fingers took a break!!
The following evening on Saturday 11th the Rolling Supper took place. The village hall gradually filling up with everyone waiting for Charlie and receiving their information of where we were going for each course, always such fun as no one has any idea before.…Once again a brilliant evening was had by all. Wonderful company, excellent food, ending the evening back at the village hall for coffee, chocolates and lots of chatter! Well done Charlie for organizing such a wonderful event. All proceeds will go to Basingstoke Food Bank.
The following morning, Sunday 12th, Holy Trinity & St Andrew in Ashe was full for this very traditional and moving Remembrance Service, where Dave Foster gave a splendid and thought provoking sermon.
On the morning of Friday 17th, Rev. Julia took the service at Oak Lodge where the residents and some family members were able to take communion and enjoy some lovely hymns. A new gentleman had a particularly wonderful voice, as he said, not bad for 97! Our next visit is at 2.00pm 19th Christmas Special, extra singers always welcome, just let Julia or Marilyn know if you are able to come. Santa hats etc. a must!!
Friday 10th Sindy hosted the Book club, where we discussed “The Soldiers Return” by Melvyn Bragg. Brilliantly written and very well worth a read, there are 3 sequels which will be very interesting to see how Joe’s life matures. Thank you Sindy for the very welcome fire that greeted us, also your delicious homemade cakes and coffee. Our next meeting is at the Fox to discuss A Damsel in Distress by PG Wodehouse, amongst other things! And of course to maybe have a cheese soufflé or Turkey dinner…..So many decisions!
All the walkers I’m sure would have noticed by now, the much needed new gates that have replaced the wooden ones over the line. Large space now for off-road pushchairs! Also very easy now for anyone with any disability or fear of heights!! We have to thank the Parish Council and especially Paul and John along with a few from Overton, for installing them.
Singing is in full flow, great to see a few new faces. Christmas songs are being rehearsed also the odd one for next year sometime!! Always a surprise in store on these evenings, excellent. Much to look forward with all the different Carol Services in the Benefice, the Crib Service on 17th followed by the Carol Service at St. Nicholas’ on the 22nd with mince pies and mulled wine afterwards. Squirrels are busy burying acorns, blackbirds are back to enjoy the fallen apples and it is a race to keep filling up the bird feeders. The cows are back in for the winter and the leaves have almost all fallen. Time for restocking the freezer for the coming festivities and thinking caps on for that ‘different’ present to buy!! A thought for those who are by themselves this Christmas, as we all enjoy being with our families and friends. Time for the fire to be lit, feet up and enjoy a sloe gin maybe, mince pies have to be sampled!! Merry Christmas to all and a Healthy Happy New Year.