December Blog 2019

Breakfast Together on Saturday 26th October was indeed a very jolly time. Bacon baps, croissants and coffee were thoroughly enjoyed amongst much joyful chatter. Rev. James Russell, the new Priest in Charge, gave a very relaxed and informative talk about his early years, his family and faith. A very good way to start the weekend.

All Souls service took place in the afternoon of the 3rd at St Nicholas Church led by Rev. Julia. A large congregation took an opportunity during the service, to light a candle in memory of a loved one. As the service was at 4.00pm the church would have looked beautiful as the lights shone through as darkness fell. Unfortunately we couldn’t be there as we were visiting family.

Bonfire night had been moved to the 3rd November as the weather was so bad on the 2nd. Sunday arrived, the evening sky exceptionally kind to us! A great village gathering, some arriving by cars, many arriving on foot, to be guided by the many lanterns lining the field to show the way. The bonfire, even though thoroughly wet, did catch fire but took a while to really get going. The fireworks were expertly set off by Jeff and Mike and enjoyed by all. Marshmallows were toasted over the log pit while the adults enjoyed the very warming mulled wine Tony had prepared. The variety of nibbles that had been brought along were eagerly enjoyed by all. Thank you to the village hall committee for organising this event and of course a big thank you to Graham and Laura for once again providing the venue and bonfire. Believe it or not the rain had started once again just as we were all leaving!

Thursday 7th U.F.O took place at Amanda’s in her very cosy sitting room. Delicious cakes, especially the lemon drizzle cake made by Millie, were enjoyed by all while enjoying time together. Thank you from all. Church kneelers were one of the projects being worked on, very lovely and designed by Dorothy.

Friday 8th the Book club was held at Marilyn’s with, yes you are right, delicious cakes, enabling everyone to sing Happy Birthday to her, even if Marilyn did make one of them herself! With such a jolly bunch it was a great way to start a Birthday! ‘The Accidental’ by Ali Smith was discussed, however, only two people had read all the book which says a lot about it being given a score of only 3.5. It was set in Norfolk and London, with a very dysfunctional family! Not very enjoyable.

The Service of Remembrance was held for the first time at St. Michael’s Church, North Waltham on behalf of all the parishes. A very moving and full service followed by the Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial.

Friday 15th a group from the village joined Rev. Julia at Oak Lodge for the service. Reindeer greeted us as we made our way up the path with large candy canes either side. Such a lovely gathering with many singers, one being Joyce. She was treated to many hugs and chats before and after, all looking forward to our Christmas service there next month. That evening a few from Steventon joined the Men’s Fellowship group from North Waltham at the Test Valley Golf club for an evening together while enjoying a curry and desert. Afterwards Rev. James spoke about his life and faith which ended a very enjoyable evening.

Saturday 16th a few from the village went across to the Rathbone Pavilion in North Waltham where Barbara Purkiss had organised a very well attended coffee morning. Goodies were bought and many friends to catch up with. Well done Barbara as a wonderful amount had been raised to share between the Basingstoke Food Bank and St. Michael’s Church.

That evening Steventon’s Rolling Supper took place, once again the weather was extremely kind so no wellies!! A fabulous evening was had by all, delicious food, great company, all convening in the village hall to catch up and share moments. Thank you Nick, your first of many, organising this superb event.

Coffee & Cake was enjoyed by those who came this morning of the 18th. A beautiful morning so many had walked. A great catch up morning.

Another good, but wet month has flown by, Christmas next month! The Christmas Fair on the 30th Nov., looking forward to that, there will be lovely ideas to buy for Christmas and much more, would be lovely to see you all there. The sprouts are looking good after a slow start and the parsnips are huge! But very delicious, as are the carrots. A stunning time of the year. I was walking Bean early one morning, the sun was just coming up and the sun brought to life the brilliant colours just on the tops of the trees. The dark clouds were behind making it more vibrant than ever. I just had to stop, enjoy and give thanks and at that moment the robin began his song to add to the joy of the morning. Much to look forward to with family and friends, log fires, a tipple of something delicious, good food and much more. Children already very much looking forward to what is to come. We will miss Julia and Dave very much and thank them for all their time with us and wish them much happiness in their new home. Must fill up the bird seed, which reminds me, the hawk left a very good imprint of its whole body, with wings outspread, as it tried to catch a bird, missed, and went with a thud into the window! Hopefully it will not be back for a long while. The fire is lit, dinner is ready, so an evening in with a glass of something I think. Merry Christmas to all.