January Book Club Report

During December we all read our own books –

Pilgrim’s Wilderness by Tom Kizzia (Chris), based in Alaska, a beautiful place, a true story of an outwardly Christian family with 15 children and how their lifestyle was gradually revealed. The father was a paedophile and it took the children a lot of time and courage to escape, to complicate matters the father had connections with various people involved with the Kennedy family about the time that JFK was shot. Marked at 10

Fox and the Star by Coralie Beckford-Smith plus The Snow Queen by Hans Andersen (Sindy), absolutely beautiful books, perfect for Grannie to read to small children and enjoy the artwork. Marked at 10.

Quiet by Susan Cairn(Susie). A fascinating book re introvert and extrovert, differences of nationalities etc. Marked at 10.

How to be a Tudor by Ruth Goodman (Amanda), truly how to be, daily living, details of washing without water, times and contents of meals, far more civilised than maybe we imagine. Marked at 9.

Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson (Linda), funny, factual history of the history of the English language. Marked at 10. Also chosen, Life is a Beach. The author, George Mahood, had already written Life is a Holiday covering 1st 6 months, Life is a Beach covers the second 6 months, they contain a celebration a day, the celebrations had to be researched, from rat catchers’ day to Christmas Day, very clever and fun. Marked at 10.

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah (Marilyn). Normally the writer produces psychological thrillers, but this time had written a Hercule Poirot mystery which did not hang together very well and the period was difficult to gauge. Marked at 6. Mentioned Sunrise by Victora Hislop, a very good read.

You are Dead by Peter James (Julia). Had not read one of his books for some time and was tempted, seeing a new book. It was the usual detective with a new wife and baby in the middle of moving house, set in the usual place, Brighton. Could have been anywhere and seemed to me utterly ridiculous, so cruel, complicated, with pure unspeakable viciousness. So disappointing, maybe one’s tastes change, shall not bother to buy another so marked it at 2 for being trying. Also was half way through a Ruth Rendall mystery, much better, a brilliant writer, great characters and a story you wanted to finish. Marked at 8.