July Blog 2021

How wonderful, beautiful weather, stacks of bales glowing in the sunshine upon golden fields where the barley had stood, the hum of the combine can be heard in the distance.  Lush green fields and paddocks, amazingly beautiful, a wonderful time of the year.

Seems such a long time ago since the ‘Virtual Fete’ back on 27th June.  However, still a great event that was enjoyed by all, in and around the village hall. Cakes in the hall, which sold out completely!  Thank you to all who baked such delicious things.  The plant stall that looked amazing with such a variety taking over Phil & Rachel’s drive. Well done Amanda & Dave as it took a lot of setting up.  The afternoon came to a close with the raffle and what a raffle it was with 10 hampers, full with fabulous goodies.  Hamper 1 – Winter Warmers, 2 -Gardeners Delight, 3 -Spar Basket, 4 – Perfect for Family with Young Children – something for everyone, 5 – Food & Wine Lover, 6 – Luxury Food Hamper, 7 – Beer, Books & Booze, 8 – Wine Galore, 9 – Ladies Treats, 10 – Massive Medley.  Many thanks to Harriet, Katy, Carrie and Jess.  A tremendous effort by all.

Book group has been going strong all through the summer, the last being at Julia’s on Friday 13th August where we all gathered in Julia’s lovely garden, once again with our own chairs, mugs etc.  We discussed “The Rosie Project” by Graeme Simsion, amongst much chatting, drinking of coffee and eating cake!!  A score of 7 was given and mostly enjoyed by all.  Thank you Julia for your hospitality and for those who made delicious cakes.  We welcomed a new member to the group, beautiful Boris, who, although he failed to read the book, redeemed himself by cleaning up all the crumbs!!

The following day, Saturday 14th outside the village hall, a Village Book sale took place between 10.00am and 3.00pm.  The weather was very kind, as tables and chairs were outside where one could enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, cake and chat.  A steady flow arrived throughout the day, so hopefully quite a few books had been purchased.  Many thanks to all those who set up and helped throughout the day.

Singing has commenced, yippee!!  Thank you to Paul and Marilyn as Steventon Singers have been taking over their garden.  Hopefully we will soon be back in the village hall after the holidays.  There will also be something to be learnt for future events I’m sure!  Just wonderful, also for everybody to be able to sing in church, it has been greatly missed.

Out on any early morning walk with my daughter-in-law Julie, on one of those very hot days in July, we were brought to a standstill by the sound of geese.  Quickly we rushed back to a perfect opening in the hedge, to see 7 Canadian Geese flying overhead, only to be followed by another 32.  We were on quite high ground and the opening framed the geese perfectly as they flew over our heads, so low we could almost have touched them.  A most magical moment that left us both speechless, which was a first!  A moment that most likely will never be repeated, but that will remain with us forever.

Off weeding now, Mike has just finished cutting the grass and has stopped for lunch.  The nasturtiums have taken over the runner beans, but masses of beans, so they have done their job of keeping blackfly away.  Chutney here we come.  BBQ this week if the forecast is anything to go by!  Let us all enjoy the rest of the summer and the hope of good things to come.  Good luck to all the youngsters as they start their new year in education or new jobs.  We hope and pray for new beginnings for all.  Happy holidays.