May Blog 2020

We are all so very blessed in the Benefice, to live surrounded by beautiful countryside and wonderful people. The creativity of so many is an inspiration to us all as we find ways and means as we manage to adjust to our ‘new normal’ and get on with life in its different format. Groups have continued via their own homes in the village, sometimes challenging but always succeeding in the end amongst many fun WhatsApp messages!
Amanda has kept her yoga classes in full swing via Zoom which is brilliant for all those who have been able to enjoy previous classes in the village hall.
The first virtual Book group met up on 17th via Zoom. Quite incredible, especially when the email was sent showing everyone in their little boxes!! The down side was, time allowed for each person to share their views, just three minutes!! As you can imagine quite a hard thing to adhere to! The book discussed was ‘This isn’t the sort of thing that happens to someone like you’ by Jon McGregor. Some liked the idea it was made up of short stories as less concentration needed. An intriguing mix as each one was a different story. Some stories felt unfinished leaving one to draw one’s own conclusion. Score:- 4.5. Birthdays of those in book group have still been celebrated by each of us sending our own greetings via email and either Sally or Sue compiling them all with an added picture, to be delivered, wonderful.
U.F.O. group has turned itself into making Scrub Bags for hospital staff. Donations of sheets and pillowcases have been cut, sewn and delivered which has been brilliant.
Cake bakers have joined a rota enabling Rachel’s team at the hospital to take a short well-earned break with something very yummy with their tea or coffee. Must thank Lisa and David for their donation of flour and fruit which was very welcome especially as S.R. flour is now like gold dust.
Everywhere is looking stunning as the bluebells are out in full making a carpet of blue in the woods as we saw when taking our exercise down Burley Lane, beautiful. Wild garlic is now starting to blossom in the hedgerows. Lambs can be seen at last, thoroughly enjoying this amazing sunshine. Talking of lambs, Rambo, Katie’s late ram, left his legacy, a beautiful black legged and black headed lamb. Matt helped Katie deliver him as he was in breach position and guess what? Katie has named him Raymond!! So well done Matt. Mum and baby doing well.
The milking herd came out to the grass field for the first time on the 16th. Such a funny sight to see them running and bucking with sheer delight until eventually they settled down to munch their first grass of the season. After the initial mad moment of snorting and trotting about Stanley has settled down very well and just looks up occasionally at them now. He looks stunning and Hannah manages to school him in the manage when she has time from her shifts at the hospital, bless her. The water butts are now full after the rain arrived that was desperately needed. Even the birds enjoyed it as they took advantage of earth worms and insects arriving. There have been Pied Wagtails, wrens, robins to name a few that have been very entertaining as they make up to their appropriate partner. Yellow Hammers have been seen too, also House Martins not long before we see the swallows reappear for the summer. Butterflies are now becoming more frequent, large Peacock, small Pale Blue, large Yellow and many bumble bees.
No report about the hedgehogs yet, although Sylvia did say something is in her new hedgehog house as the entrance has been blocked up from the inside. So we will have to wait and see! Who knows?
There seems to be a lot going on in the gardens as seeds have been planted, weeding done and lawns cut, I’m sure the grass has grown an inch since in just a few days!! I see it is nearly midday, time to get a spot of lunch. Take care everyone and stay safe. God Bless.