November Blog 2018

What an eventful month this has been, however, back to the end of October on Saturday 27th Breakfast Together in the village hall was well attended. Bacon baps, croissants and coffee enjoyed by all while the room was filled with chatter. While finishing our coffee, Dave Foster took us through “A Journey of a Lost Sheep who was Found”. After starting with “Now are you sitting comfortably, then I will begin” those magical words from Listen with Mother all those years ago! Dave had us all captured as he took us through his journey with his own words and great pictures which led to the faith he has today…

Thursday 1st November U.F.O. met in the afternoon at Rachel’s where various articles were worked on as we sat around the very cosy fire. Thank you also for the very delicious cakes that accompanied the equally delicious coffee as the meeting turned more raucous with our discussions and great fun as only the ladies can do!

Friday 2nd a jolly group joined Rev. Julia for a Remembrance Communion service at Oak Lodge, very important. Also so lovely once again to catch up with familiar faces.

Saturday 3rd was the village bonfire, a great evening, thank you very much to Graham and Laura. A good turnout, lovely nibbles and mulled wine. Fireworks expertly set off by Jeff and Mike. Fabulous bonfire thanks to Darren.

Sunday 4th in the afternoon, just as the evening sky was beginning to settle in, St Nicholas Church began to fill up for All Souls Service. Candles shone in every window, we were also invited to light a candle from the Easter candle and place it on the cross in front of the altar in memory of loved ones. A most beautiful and moving service.

Book group on Friday 9th met at Marilyn’s to discuss “The News Where You Are” by Catherine O’Flynn. We all thoroughly enjoyed the delicious cake and brownies, thank you very much Marilyn. Also the very yummy chocolate cake Susie had made to celebrate Marilyn’s Birthday. Unfortunately one couldn’t say the same about the book!! A score of 4 was given which says it all….

On the dark, damp and very still morning of Sunday 11th at 6.00am, 46 villagers, including children, gathered together around the village triangle to hear Laurence Quinn play “Battle’s O’er” on the bagpipes. The rain had stopped at that precise moment as we stood in silence and listened to the haunting and spellbinding sound. After a two minute silence, Romy read a letter her father had written shortly after his 21st birthday and the evening before he was shot and seriously injured, not a dry eye was left after this very moving time. The village hall was awaiting, warm and filled with the smell of coffee and assorted croissants, thank you to those got up extra early to make this so very welcoming. Laurence got up on stage and treated us all by playing “Highland Cathedral” Wonderful. Later that morning at Ashe, the church was full for the Remembrance Service, most apt for 100 years on as all those were remembered.

Tuesday 13th in the evening, Steventon Players held their A.G.M. where the committee found themselves re-elected! There followed a run through of the script for next year’s Panto, very funny, I won’t spoil it for you, come for yourselves and find out!

Saturday 17th Yes, that time of the year again for the Rolling Supper. Once again a fabulous evening, wonderful company, great food and a smashing end to the evening at John and Shona’s for coffee where we could all catch up and relive our evening! Well done Charlie, another great success.

Sunday 18th Basingstoke Choral Society, which involves those from the village, also North Waltham, sang their hearts out at the Anvil as they performed “No More Sorrow” by Will Todd followed by Karl Jenkins “The Peacemakers” dedicated to the memory of all those who lost their lives during armed conflict throughout the world. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa and Anne Frank to name a few, whose text he used in this work. The beautiful sound of the violins, especially the soloist, were exquisite within the New London Sinfonia orchestra. Just one of the most stunningly beautiful concerts we have had the great pleasure to be involved with.

Here we are now almost at the end of November, much ahead to get planned and many a kitchen having delicious Christmas aromas as the baking begins…The temperature has at long last dropped as winter is set to come upon us. The colours this autumn have been magnificent, breath-taking in a lot of places. Goldfinches in abundance are taking great delight in the sunflower seeds as are all the birds now. A magical time of the year is coming upon us with much to look forward to. As for today, it is late afternoon, the sun is going down, the dog to walk, dinner and definitely a fire lit. Maybe a little sloe gin as we relax in front of the fire and enjoy a much needed night in! All the very best wishes for the season ahead…