October Blog 2015

Thursday 20th August was once again a showery day. However, we did manage to collect the straw bales in the evening and get them into the barn before the heavens opened up once more! The following morning Tim arrived, bless his cotton socks. He spent the whole day wiring up the lighting system, which included balancing on a very tall ladder to enable him to arrange lots of lights around the beams! What a wonderful display he had arranged. Once again on Friday evening, a jolly group of marquee erectors, collected it all from the village hall and delivered it by the barn in the grounds of Lytchfield Grange. Very soon the marquee had been erected, also this year the storm ties were hammered securely into the ground as an extra precaution after last year’s mishap!!
Saturday arrived, calm and dry, amazingly enough. Sunny Jim was the first to arrive, followed shortly by the Woodsiders Barn Dance Band. Gradually every one arrived, set out their picnics and amongst much chattering and laughter the evening began. It was slightly cooler than last year, umbrellas did go up for a short time, but only briefly. Soon the dancing was under-way, what a fantastic three piece group they were and their caller was very enthusiastic. The children had a brilliant time too, as they joined in every dance with huge grins on their faces, keeping up with all the adults. The view by the trees up on the bank looking down, was quite lovely. As the marquee was length wise along the side of the barn it glowed bewitchingly with soft lighting, while the twinkling fairy lights could be seen through the top windows of the barn. The setting was just magical. It was a fabulous evening which all too soon came to an end.
The following morning, with fingers crossed for fine weather, a tired but jolly group arrived to take the marquee down, lights etc. were dismantled and the floor swept. The last of the marquee boxes were put into the cars when, just like a switch, the heavens opened accompanied by a clap of thunder! How lucky we were.
A big Thank you to all who helped in any way. To Tim for making a beautiful barn even more beautiful. To you all for joining us in a great evening and of course last but not least, a huge Thank You to Peter and Mouse Harrison, for once again welcoming us and allowing us to take over their most beautiful barn.
August slipped into September. Singing has returned in the village hall, also Ukulele practice has resumed. Both of which have a western theme every now and again!!
Book club on the 11th was held at Chris’s, nearly a full house, which was great. Especially so because Carol had made it, which was so very special. Thank you Chris for the lovely homemade brownies and cake which accompanied the coffee. The book that had been discussed was the Prime of Miss Brodie by Muriel Spark, the majority had given it a good mark.
Great to see all the footpaths have been looked after so well around the village, well done chaps. I am sure all the walkers are very appreciative of your efforts. A special thank you to Nick for continuing after the tunnel in both directions!!
There are plenty of sloes around for harvesting later, the blackberries have a last changed colour and growing plump. The veggie garden has produced bumper crops of beans and tomatoes, more chutney!
The plums have been tremendous this year too, they have been too tasty for making anything, just to enjoy by themselves. Maybe the odd crumble! The harvest has taken forever, as Mike said they started in July and finished in September, however, the weather has been good for the gardens.
The evenings are drawing in and the mornings are darker. I keep looking at the fire and thinking it might get lit this weekend!! I hear a few in the village have already had theirs going. The sun is shining now, birds on the feeders, cows still in the fields, lovely. Tomorrow I will turn my thoughts to making more chutney.