Registering for Oil Buying

Tony’s Oil Group

For you to participate in the group oil buying scheme you must be registered on our system. To register contact Tony Fabian via

Please NOTE. important points to remember:

NO financial data is stored on this system.

You will pay the oil suppliers directly and not via Tony or this system.

That you want a fixed amount and how many litres you want, OR that you want a fill and an estimate of how many litres you will take.  Please over-estimate as you will only ever be billed for the oil delivered not what you have ordered

Please give amounts in round 100s e.g. 500, 600 NOT 550

If you are really urgent, select this option and your order will be prioritised

If you want the additive for Agas – this is normally 3 pence per litre more than the normal oil.

Do not use the term “top up” as I never know if you mean a fill or just topping up by the amount stated!