September Blog 2018

On the evening of Thursday 6th September in the village hall, Tracy Colmer gave an excellent talk and demonstration on Adult Basic Life Support, Paediatric Life Support & Choking, Anaphylaxis & Epipen, plus Look & Listen with our own D-Fib. We were invited to try out various methods for ourselves, with some amusement when at one point we had to then get off our knees and creak back up straight!! On the morning of Tuesday 11th Kate Baker went through everything once again to a full hall, brilliant. Thank you very much to Rachel for organising the training with her colleagues from Southampton Hospital.

Friday 14th the Book club met at Linda’s warm sitting room and enjoyed delicious homemade lime and coconut cake, cookies and coffee whilst putting the world to rights and eventually discussing ‘A Fine Balance’ by Rohinton Mistry. A well written book with very believable characters, however, it painted a very sad and disturbing portrait of the time. Some parts hard to read, peppered with moments of real brevity. Unlikely characters brought together in the mid-1970’s in India. A score of 6 was given.

Monday 17th was once again Coffee and Cake morning. Delicious cakes enjoyed by all while catching up with one another, thank you to the cake makers. All are most welcome, the next one is on Monday 15th October.

On the evening of Tuesday 18th singing took place in the village hall, rehearsals for the concert this weekend, 30th. Quite a few of the ladies have been joining ‘The Bells’ ladies choir at Elisfield through the summer, they joined us for the evening and by way of a thank you we provided drinks and nibbles for all. A great evening, Neil played the keyboard, as Paul was playing with the Basingstoke Male Voice Hospital choir, where quite a few of Steventon’s men also went. Those of you who are going to the Anvil on the 30th are in for a real treat!

On the morning of Friday 21st St. Nicholas’ the flower ladies worked their magic with beautiful arrangements throughout the church in readiness for Harvest Festival. Two Canadian ladies turned up later with Phillip Hove on a Jane Austin Hampshire Safari and were very impressed by all the floral arrangements, a perfect time to visit. A little later that morning a group of jolly singers joined Rev. Julia for a Harvest service at Oak Lodge, so very good to see Joyce, also enjoying the service with us.

Harvest Festival Thanksgiving service on Sunday 23rd was wonderful. So lovely to see so many families, also the children, as they were very much involved. Martha and Amelia shared the drama, with great gusto and feeling. George read the reading brilliantly. After the service we all gathered together for a shared lunch at Litchfield Grange. Due to the forecast the night before it was decided not to put up the marquee. Tables were laid out in the beautiful barn, plus tables for all the delicious food that arrived. However, we all took our plates of food outside as the sun had come out to shine so beautifully. The Woodsiders Band guided us all through the routines for the dances extremely well and a thoroughly good time was had by all. ‘Sunny Jim’ turned up for us all to have a Mr. Whippy with flake, for pudding! Phil is his name, he took over the family business from his father and Sunny Jim has now been going for 50 years. Highly recommended for any event. A very big Thank You to all who brought such delicious plates and bowls of food to share and of course an even bigger Thank You to Peter and Mouse for their hospitality and company in such wonderful surroundings.

Going back to 1st July on a very warm morning, Graham and Laura set off from Ashe Park on their epic journey. Home to Rome! A tremendous and courageous feat, a most amazing experience. Just a very short account:- Number of footsteps taken between them=5.3 million. Number of miles walked from Ashe Park to the Vatican=1,450. Number of types of food scavenged en route of natures bounty=11. Number of friends who joined them at some point en route=37. Number of blisters lanced=6. Number of different beds slept in=76. Number of eggs boiled in hotel kettles=18. Number of figs plucked=67. Number of boots worn out=6. Number of consecutive days same shirt worn=75. Number of time shirt washed=74. ‘The Keeper’, Graham and ‘The Scribe’, Laura should indeed be very proud of their accomplishment. It has indeed been a great pleasure to all that have been kept up to date over all their long days accompanied by such fabulous pictures. It would make such a wonderful book, you would have no shortage of buyers! Congratulations.

Produce in the garden is coming to an end, frost has got to the courgettes which have been amazing. The number of cucumbers off our two plants have now risen to 55, incredible. We have succumbed to putting the heating on! Also there has been one fire lit, I’m sure there will be another quite soon. Hey Ho, next month the clocks go back, not until the end though. Long may this lovely weather continue for us all to enjoy.

His Future Was Unknown’ That was the headline in the Horse & Hound on the 6th September. Hannah brought the Champion, Sandro’s Storm, back from competing in the British Dressage Bronze Advanced Championships at Bury Farm Equestrian Village on 25th-26th August. Stanley’s future was unknown as the vets didn’t know how the jaw would react to the surgery to remove a bone cyst from his jaw bone. However, over time as the scan this year showed, it has filled in with bone and shouldn’t cause him a problem.

Hannah pulled up from 5th in the 1st round to take the title on the 2nd round by 0.41%. Absolutely fabulous as they have both worked so hard, while also combining a full time job.

Congratulations…….Extra carrots for Stanley.