St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas Church Reopening

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic we are still not able to hold normal Sunday services, however lockdown regulations have been relaxed so that we may open the church building for quiet, individual, private prayer and contemplation.

The church building will be open for quiet, individual, prayer and contemplation during the day from Monday 15th June (approx 9am to 5pm).

Please do not use the building to meet with other people for a chat – the churchyard is a great place to do this.

Please be aware that you enter the church at your own risk, so it is your responsibility to take whatever precautions you consider appropriate, but as a minimum we ask that:

upon arrival at church you make use of the hand sanitizer provided.

common sense is used to maintain 2m social distancing from other people who may be using the church at the same time as you. There should be only one person to a pew, so if a particular pew is already occupied then please avoid the pews immediately in front or behind.

you try to avoid touching surfaces and objects within the church.

Please let us know ASAP if you have visited our building and subsequently develop symptoms of, or test positive for Covid19.

Marilyn Wright (churchwarden) 01256 397445

Revd. James Russell 01256 589614