Steventon Players Oscars

On the 17th of April 2015, the red carpet was out and a host of local stars attended the first screening of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ the DVD version or our February panto.

After the screening the ‘Steventon Players Oscars’ were awarded to the following people by Charlie Palmer:

Carol SilverCarol Silver – received a special SP-Oscar for her long standing support and contribution to the Steventon Players over countless years, especially for Costumes, Props and her inimitable acting skills. Unfortunately Carol could not attend but, check out the video of her acceptance from one of the following links:
[Video webm] [Video ogg][Video mp4]


Gemma RaymondGemma Raymond – received an SP-Oscar for playing the staring role as ‘Alice’ and also our youngest ever lead actress.




Lindsay PilagsLindsay Pilags – received an SP-Oscar for playing the very funny role of ‘The White Rabbit’ and being the best improv and knee trembling bunny!




Phil CheesemanPhil Cheeseman – received an SP-Oscar for playing two glorious roles as ‘Lord Lethal’ and ‘Glenn Hughes’ one of the Village People (who could forget that!).




Rachel CheesemanPaul WrightTim Sennitt

Rachel Cheeseman, Paul Wright and Tim Sennitt – received a shared SP-Oscar for their sterling back room activities; Rachel for creating magnificent stage backgrounds, props and costumes, Paul for setting up the sound systems, playing music and also creating some very entertaining sound effects (who could forget the Baroness’s new pumps!) and finally Tim for his lighting and sometimes strange transformation effects.